About Us

Kalyana Solutions (PT. Kalyana Adikarya Abadi) provides information technology and business solutions, ranging from planning, design, consulting, installation, implementation and client support.

We focus on providing reliable and effective solutions for our clients in responding to their respective needs and challenges of dynamic business.

Customer-centric, data-driven
Our unique approach differentiates us from the others.

Lean and agile
We deliver cost-effective and timely solutions to ensure rapid and measurable RoIs.

Your success is our success.


Become a strategic and trusted partner for clients in the fields of information technology and business solutions.


Enable clients to manage, accelerate and improve their business through superior technology innovation and our proven, reliable, effective, efficient and scalable business solutions.


 G  Greatness - conscious choice, discipline and commitment to greatness
 R  Respect - the way we treat others; being considerate; actively listening
 O  Open-Mindedness - we challenge ourselves with new opportunities
 W  Winning - advocate for our clients and colleagues; elevate our performance
 T  Trust - define our relationships; belief and confidence in integrity and reliability
 H  Honesty - keep promises and commitments; take responsibility for our actions