Custom Application Development

We at Kalyana understand the market requirements and believe in technology that will give the enterprises the agility to respond the market dynamics and stay ahead of the competition.

Our custom application solutions are trusted by a wide variety of leading companies in various industries.
We also take the latest technologies and assist people with their existing digital solutions to better fit their needs.

The Landscape

Why custom app dev?

You and your users deserve a solution as unique as you and your users are.

Whether it is a native Android or iOS app, or a hybrid or responsive web application, our class-leading teams, the latest and most suitable technologies and an obsessive focus on the user journey and experience come together to build beautiful and intuitive user experiences.

Web, Hybrid or Native?

Web Apps
The latest advances in web technologies enable unbelievably rich experiences, all delivered through the browser.
Zero-setup. Your users just need to visit your website to get started.
Hybrid Web/Native Apps
Want to take your app further?
Take advantage of device-specific capabilities and native UIs and APIs (e.g. ARKit).
Ideal for simple to medium-complexity applications.
Native iOS/Android Apps
The ultimate no-compromises experience.
Provides the best user experience possible on either platform.

Emerging Technologies

Our talented team of developers can also help you take your idea from dream to prototype to reality.
Build immersive and interactive VR/AR experiences,
hook into the Internet of Things,
or take advantage of the decentralised power of distributed computing.

Our Services

Concept and Prototyping

We help you take your ideas from concepts to reality.
Our team of experts help you assess your app idea, both in terms of technical feasibility,
and in terms of your overall business requirements, strategy and direction.

UI/UX and Design

Our designers are obsessed with building beautiful, aesthetic and intuitive user experiences.
We iteratively and methodically prototype, build and iterate on our designs, prototyping and evaluating user journeys and usability.

Software Development

An agile software development process means faster turnaround, keeps code quality high, and makes sure you and your users' needs come first.
We ensure two-way communication throughout the software development process.


CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Deployment)

Continuous integration is a coding philosophy and set of practices that drive development teams to implement small changes and check in code to version control repositories frequently.
Because most modern applications require developing code in different platforms and tools, the team needs a mechanism to integrate and validate its changes.

This is one of many modern approaches we adopt to deliver the best products and solutions possible.

Testing and Integration

Stringent quality checks and testing ensure software reliability.
Rest assured your business needs and requirements are well-addressed.


We provide various resources to help you with your new custom-crafted application.
In addition, we also provide a variety of consulting and maintenance services to take you further.

What makes us different?

Lean and mean

Our teams stay lean yet effective, enabling rapid but high-quality software engineering and development.
We stay committed to stringent timelines for delivery and to providing cost-effective services.

User-centric focus

We focus on users as people first and foremost, to come up with the best solutions for their individual needs.
Our users' needs shape the application and user journeys.

Design, for success

Whether it is in UI/UX design or the overall look-and-feel of the application, we strive to build beautiful user experiences.
We want our experiences to feel "magical" and "just work" great.